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I’ve been an interior decorator since I was a little girl.

I shared a room with my sister, who didn’t care about the look of our room, nor share my vision for its décor. The unfinished space over our garage filled my imagination with decorating ideas, so I made it my bedroom and decorated it, complete with a filled candy dish.


There was no better way to spend a Saturday, than with my nana, on a trip to the fabric store. I loved all the different types; how they felt, their different grains, piles, and patterns. Now, as a tactile person and knowing the importance of multi-textured surroundings, I realize why I was touching everything!


When I married was my first opportunity to decorate my own home. With hand-me-down furniture and beautiful pieces salvaged from the basement of my husband's parents, it was a matter of decoration and styling. With drapes, slipcovers, and decorative pillows, I came to understand the importance and impact fabrics have in a room.


When my children were all in school, I went to work part-time at a boutique design firm that specialized in window coverings and soft furnishings. It was all about fabric, and I loved it!

Here I am, 19 years later, designing custom drapery made with beautiful fabrics and covering the soft furnishings around them.

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